Section 1. Nature of Functions.  The functions of the Consortium Board will be as follows and may be modified, increased or eliminated by action of the Board:

(a) To oversee the administration of the Valley Library Consortium.

(b) To approve contractual agreements made between the Consortium and member libraries.

(c) To approve the operating budget for the Consortium at the spring meeting.

(d) To determine the most cost-effective means by which shared library services can be provided.

(e) To determine policy, procedure, and resource development plans.

(f) To incorporate, as feasible, all the libraries of the greater Saginaw Valley in the process of resource sharing.

(g) To provide for consistent information and public relations efforts concerning the Valley Library Consortium.

(h) To develop a mechanism for cooperative action in acquiring financial resources in support of the objectives of the Valley Library Consortium.

(i) To employ any individual or entity for the management of the Valley Library Consortium as Executive Director.