Section 1. Number and Qualifications.  The officers of the Board shall consist of the President of the Board, Vice-president and Secretary/Treasurer.  The officers will be elected from among the members of the Board.

The Board may appoint such assistant officers to serve the Board from time to time and it may determine and define their powers and duties.

Section 2. Election.  The officers of the Board shall be elected at the last meeting of the fiscal (July 1 - June 30) year and each shall hold office until the last meeting of the next fiscal year, or until their successors shall have been elected.

Section 3. Duties.  The duties of the officers of the Board shall be:

(a) The President shall preside over the meetings of the Board.

(b) The Vice-president shall have authority to act for the President in his/her absence or in the event of his/her incapacity.

(c) The Secretary/Treasurer shall have responsibility for those duties that are typically ascribed to those offices.