Section 1. Name.  The name of this Consortium shall be the Valley Library Consortium.

Section 2. Objective.  The objective of the Valley Library Consortium is to provide shared automated library services and other cooperative programs as needed by its members.

Section 3. Membership.  Membership in the Consortium is contingent upon subscribing to the services of the Valley Library Consortium (VLC) and approval of the Board.

Section 4. Withdrawal.  Should any member organization elect to cancel its contract for Valley Library Consortium services, such cancellation shall constitute withdrawal from the Consortium.

Section 5. Default and Expulsion.  In the event that a Consortium member institution defaults on any Consortium agreement, or engages in conduct that is detrimental to the Consortium, the member may be expelled.  A vote of the VLC Board members shall be required to initiate expulsion action against an offending member.  A member, after being notified that it is in danger of being expelled, has three months to correct the conditions that could lead to expulsion.  If after three months, the offending member institution has not corrected the conditions, which could lead to expulsion, the VLC Board members may, upon a vote, expel the offending member institution from the Consortium.